04/04/14 - Records by Mail has purchased Ashley's inventory.

All goods will soon be in Portland, Oregon.  Please visit http://recordsbymail.com

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Records Around the World
Records Around the World is a '60's to mid '70's oriented list featuring unusual to rare picture sleeve singles and EP's and album covers from all over the world plus many US albums from this era.  Artist include better known bands like the Animals, Beatles, Deep Purple, Kinks, Pink Floyd, Stones, Who, and Yardbirds, and also lesser known artists like the Leaves, Fever Tree, Sauterelles, Tages, Pretty Things, Action, Goths, Shanes, Tomcats, Beavers, Merseybeats, John's Children and a multitude of others.  There are also sections for 7-inchers never issued with a sleeve and sleeve-only items for those of you looking to upgrade or obtain an unusual sleeve at a lesser price.  There is a permanent set-sale list and also an occasional auction list with the bidding deadline indicated in that list.

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Third Coast Sound Distortions
Third Coast Sound Distortions' main section contains original pressings of some of the world's finest psychedelic, progressive, hardrock, beat, garage, and bluesrock with smatterings of folk/psych, power pop, metal, and jazzy avant-garde thrown into the mix.  Not only will you find the moderately priced staples of these musical styles, but many of the obscure and ultra-rare items also.  All items are for set-sale;  there are also sections on singles and reissue LP's from these genres.

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